Monday, 3 November 2014

MSP and Ballasting 1st 2nd November 2014

Saturday saw a long length of Measured Shovel Packing, 240 feet close to mile post 89, below is the Pway train ready to leave Boat of Garten (fire lit in mess van) later ballast was dropped and tidied
Information and photo courtesy of John Wood
Above is a likely long term lineside feature, it is a length of rail that is in secure level storage in roughly the right place until it is required, possibly when the Rail Welders come back. 
On the Sunday another hopper full of ballast was carefully dropped on the Drumuillie straight, unfortunately the Sun was on the wrong side of the photo, for an action shot!
A good sized squad tidied the ballast and the day was finished off with MSP at a number of joints close to Lynchurn Number 1 Level Crossing as below. (Muscle Man was driven from Broomhill to Boat for future use)
We were blessed with good weather the whole weekend, long may it continue....


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