Saturday, 21 February 2015

Aviemore Carriage Storage Shed - 21st Febuary 2015

The culmination of three days hard work, unloading wagon loads of sandy material by hand, presumably obtained from the Sand Pit at the back of Boat of Garten Yard, certainly put a strain on Fergus' back
But as can be seen from above - lightening Jim Clark was on hand with the shovel today ! and John Wood wondering who is daft enough to try and take a photo, in the distant background is Stuart with a petrol whacker plate consolidating the base layer and Georgie as ever correcting our mistakes.
The location of this noisy frenzied activity is between 6&7 "Roads" in the Carriage Storage Shed, for approximately 4 carriage lengths, hopefully now ready to pour the concrete between the wooden shutters, providing a safe level trip free walkway.
to be completed midweek hope fully............


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