Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Carriage Shed Concrete - 25th March 2015

After Keith, Stuart and Georgie did a bit of a shunt removing all the carriages from the shed,  at 1000hrs the concrete was meant to turn up.  1002hrs Ritchie's of Aviemore did and who ever said the Strathspey Railway don't get things through the back door!
By using the 360 degree machine the job was relatively simple, load up the bucket
and convey to the required position, as instructed by the Infrastructure Director!
Then a bit of levelling and shimmying
and from another angle, notice the Association Chairman still sitting down on the job! 
Finally, once Jim found the appropriate tools (even we, didn't expect the ladder!)
 job done, bar a few days curing, needless to say the weather was gorgeous again. 

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