Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mezzainine Flooring and re-sleepering - 29th December & 3rd January

29th of December 2015 - saw the completion of a long running project, (I think Mike mentioned the steel work was erected in 2014) the Mezzanine Flooring in the Aviemore Engine Shed.
Ian Stanworth put in 700ish screws in the actual flooring and John Wood assisted him in putting on the kick boards on the hand rails and boarding off the arches, to prevent anyone or anything falling through them to the Machine Shop below, where Mike and Georgie set up shuttering for concrete plinths, for the "new" machines that are almost in situ... 
 The above photo reminds me of that television programme "Play School",no reference to the Shed Staff you understand! I wonder how long it will take them to fill it up with stuff.....
Later the same week but a different year (3rd January 2016) the PWay back to re-sleepering towards the 91 mile post. Georgie, Mike and John changed an incredible 38 sleepers in freezing wet conditions - only drilling, spiking and backfilling to do.
The elusive 91 mile post is getting closer, by the looks of things.
Thanks to John Wood for photos and information .

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