Sunday, 6 March 2016

Pan 11 Near Broomhill - 5th March 2016

First train of the day approaches worksite.

Having very recently been donated 20 "Pan 11" baseplates by Network Rail, we put them to good use on the sharp curve coming out of Broomhill (believed to be tightest between Aviemore and Forres) A couple of years ago we used them on the outside high rail of the curve at the joints, to prevent any long term gauge widening of the track. This time we used them approximately every fourth sleeper in between, as below, having removed the elastic spikes, base plates, re-drilled and screwed down.

Stuart using the "Pan puller" not the usual worker/watcher ratio honest!
Clip onto the red Pandrol Clip
and pull
(one job where using a bigger hammer wont work)
Job done,
 until Georgie says "tidy up the ballast a bit Boys" couple of hours later 
We were Done in!
And last Train of the day pulling away from Broomhill.

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