Sunday, 5 June 2016

Tidying Ballast Tullochgorum - 4th & 5th June 2016

As Georgie was on last day of holidays. On Saturday Stuart was in charge and the task was to tidy the ballast near Tullochgorum overbridge, where we have been using the Jacker Packer on midweek days.
A good sized squad made quick work of the 6 lengths asked for, possibly aided by Stuart buying the squad ice cream (take note Georgie!) to cool them down in the glorious sunshine, once the earlier mist had lifted.

 Left to Right Jim Clark, Andy McClintock, Angus Macphail, Roger Snowdon and Andrew McCracken.
Before Stuart, Myself and Andy headed to Tullochgorum to continue with ballast tidying today, I took a quick snap of the Class 27 deputising for the Class 31 on Royal Scotsman duties at Boat of Garten, as the 31 has oil problems.
Later the Diesel Multiple Unit made an unexpected appearance, transpires the Class 27 may have had turbo problems. Anyway PWay work continued albeit at a slower pace, due to the heat and we finished a bit earlier than usual.

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