Monday, 16 January 2017

MSP Croftnahaven and Tullochgorum - 7th January 2017

Apologies the PWay Blog was shunted into the sidings whilst my computer was ill, hopefully normal service will be resumed from now on.....
Biggest squad this year! turned out on the 7th of January in excellent working weather. The task was MSP (Measured Shovel Packing) on longish dips in the track at Croftnahaven in the morning and we moved onto Tullochgorum after Lunch, where a considerable amount of ballast was dug out of the four foot and used to strengthen the Down shoulder by Tullochgorum No 1 Level Crossing as well as MSP, again over a couple of 60 foot lengths of track.
Above the only photo I took? at Crofnahaven No 1 LC - Left to Right Jim, Roger, Neil, Ian, Angus, Martin and John sitting on the rail, with the Boss in the comfort of the van. Mike Tough assured us he would have been with us had he not been at a
Strathspey Railway Board meeting.
To be fair he did brave the elements exactly a week later - sighting for proposed drainage work in connection with the Catering Vehicles in The Roy Hamilton Carriage Shed at Aviemore.

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