Sunday, 19 May 2019

Summit PWay and Improvements at Boat of Garten - Week ending 18th May 2019

Recently I had a midweek day off, so headed to box in a few of the "new" sleepers with ballast near the Summit, hard going on my own and in the baking sun 

but I took the opportunity to take a take a break now and then! - above the late running first service train of the day, gingerly passes due to the high fire risk.
Sometime later in the opposite direction The Royal Scotsman hauled by our own class 31 at linespeed of 25 miles per hour. Think I only managed 25 sleepers before dehydration kicked in and I headed back to Boat of Garten to sign off and take water.
Where I came across David Childs who has been doing a massive amount of unseen skilled labour, inside and out, on the Island Platform Waiting Room.
For sometime now loose cabling has been hanging off the footbridge, 


as part the planned electrical upgrades at Boat of Garten by our own Electrical Department, the opportunity was taken, to finally camouflage (blackboard paint has its uses!) and secure them in position. Thanks to I think Nick Winter, Neil Ellison and Bill McCarthy for skilled work, photos/info.

Finally, a shot from the footbridge showing the sleek, unobtrusive, low profile....            WEEDS!
Less permanent evidence Mike Tough has been busy again!


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