Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Morley's Yard nears completion - 12th May 2020

Georgie is still working hard on her own at Strathspey Railway. 

Looks like she has been busy with the clamshell bucket again - a certain new volunteer will be smiling at the thought of not having to hand shovel it out of the wagon, although spreading the steam locomotive waste ash will still be done by hand - Graeme! The ash keeps the weeds down, easy to walk on and finishes it off nicely, although there maybe a shortage of it this year....
Also of note fresh good ballast for mainline shoulder.

More re-cycling from Aviemore, in the form of spoilt/dirty ballast from Network Rail, about to be put to good use again. 
Looking the other way is the wooden Road Rail Access Point, where the RRV can safely go on track/off track.
Thanks to Doug Scott for diverting his daily exercise and taking the above photos.

And more recent photos from Stationmaster Walters, track on the rail jacks for packing ballast under the sleepers, plenty of interlaced sleepers has saved using larger more expensive timbers but difficult to pack using small stone crush.
Showing the "tandem trap" - I am sure the up and running Signals & Telegraph Blog will elaborate in due course. In the distance can be seen the yellow hand point lever, which if connected will almost conclude an amazing amount of outstanding work carried out by one person - Georgie.  


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