Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Recent Extension works

I have been away on holiday hence lack of blog posts. I believe the 12 Tonne Rail Crane was used to place the above troughs onto the bridge awaiting to get bolted into place. The Flatrol in the background is the limit that the service DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) can go as far as, to view our work.
The authorities stipulated that the appropriate signage be erected at the five Level Crossings between the bridge and Broomhill for commencement of the DMU service (refer to Strathspey Railway website for dates/times) This has now been completed with a combination of JCB digging a hole, planting a post, concreting it in and of course our Infrastructure Director checking the plumb!

before shovelling in all the earth again.

The opportunity was taken to dredge the outflow sump of a culvert, who said we don't leave the best jobs for the new volunteer!  Welcome Fergus.

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