Sunday, 31 August 2014

Re-sleepering 30th August 2014

An extra PWay date was squeezed in yesterday.
Re-sleepering in the Croftnahaven area, above 46512 approaching Croftnahaven No 2 Level Crossing with the gang eager to get back to work after an extremely long lunch break, which was spent sheltering from the heavy rain in the new incomplete hay barn in the background.
Whilst Ian takes a rest from removing the dreaded elastic spikes earlier, Bruce gets to grips with hammering them, in under the watchful eye of Mike (also resting like Ian)
Can you see some sleeper ends sticking out, there are number on this section. Georgie explained that they are 9 foot long sleepers instead of the usual 8 foot 6 inches and that the Caledonian Railway used them, which makes them possibly 100 years old!
In all eight sleepers changed, continuation of ballast tidying and fishplates tightened all the way to Broomhill.

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