Saturday, 16 May 2015

Boat of Garten Headshunt elusive gap - 16th May 2015

With a large squad  much progress was anticipated, however it wasn't to be.
The Royal Scotsman awaiting the arrival of first Steam service from Aviemore, now crewed and hauled by Strathspey Railway resources to Aviemore.

With another surprise Class 47 at the rear, apparently acting as a stabling brake as the previous day a fault occurred with a hydraulic handbrake necessitating the removal of the offending vehicle, between Perth and Dundee, I think.
Anyway back to the P'Way, we replaced a number of wooden sleepers towards the just in shot Buffer End, with the intension of lifting the final pair of rails in, drilling holes at the cut railends so they could be fishplated up, job done. Wishful thinking! After many years of trouble free service the Rail Drill broke (still being investigated) and the not so reliable 360 Road-Rail Machine played up again and unable to lift rails!
So a start was made on packing and levelling the Headshunt towards the buffers. 


Good progress was made with this by the end of the day and all that remains is tidying up the Cess and "10 foot" area between Mainline and Headshunt and of course filling that elusive gap!.........

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