Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Roy Hamilton Carriage Shed 1st - 3rd May 2015

Recently at Aviemore

 Peter Mander, Jim Hardy, Jim Pittendrigh, Dan Courtier, Nick Courtier and Colin Frost, erected the sign on the carriage shed funded by a legacy from the estate of the late Roy Hamilton http://www.scotsman.com/news/obituaries/roy-hamilton-1-497399

The group also painted the sea container which is to be a store for the Carriage & Wagon Department and will be placed a bit further north, alongside the carriage shed wall and away from the sign. The two green containers, currently alongside the track are also to be moved to against the wall of the carriage shed. Thanks to Colin Frost for info and photos.

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  1. Neil
    46512 came on shed at 14.15 because of a knocking noise. This was found to be the piston head loose on the piston rod. 27.106 substituting on the 14.45.
    Calum and Nathan went over and above the call of duty, working until 05.00 the following day to bring 46512 back into service.
    regards Keith