Saturday, 24 October 2015

Spey Lodge Work -24th October 2015


Today a large squad comprising Colin Frost and three friends from Ellon plus Mike,Jim Clark, Colin Stirling, Bill Johnson, Davie, Ken and paid staff - Georgie, Stuart and Henry assembled to carry out various tasks close to Spey Lodge, Aviemore.

  Above trench was dug from the mains water to the Roy Hamilton Shed, after problems in finding old water main and turning water off, a pipe was eventually laid, with further pipework in shed still to be completed at a later date. Also a Telecoms trench dug to the Strathspey Railway Association Spey Lodge (which provides cheap accommodation to Volunteers)

A new back-up oil boiler and tank positioned onto paving slab plinths. This has to be plumbed in and set up prior to the December Train Service, in case the pellet boiler should let us down again when most needed.  Special thanks to Jim for staying on later than he was supposed to the make the water pipe connection & we hope he did not get too big a row when he got home!
Also thanks to Mike Tough for info and he claims to have been too busy for more photos!




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