Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Water Work Aviemore - 25th October 2015

The temporary water feed to the dining set in the carriage shed had been run on the surface from a tap at The Lodge and this needed to be buried before the winter weather set in.

So the first task was to locate the mains water pipe that was installed some 30 years ago, that feeds from The Lodge to the Steam shed. Luckily Big Davie was present working on another task with Colin Stirling and he recalled seeing a picture of it being laid close to the running track, probably some three feet down.
Nobody knew for sure what other services might be lurking below ground, so hand digging was required.  After about an hour of digging through the surface of the compacted rubble that forms the yard we were lucky, and the pipe was located, in the cess, much closer to the running line than first thought.

Avoiding the Telecomms cables running the length of the yard, the trench was dug by Stuart and Georgie and the 32mm pipe installed.
Sunday the job was completed, with the fitting of an external stop cock valve and internal tap, that feeds a hose that runs to the catering set. 

Some of the happy team with the job nearly done.

Colin, Nick, Ray, Hayden and Georgie.
Thanks to Colin Frost for info and photos and my Wife for the not so simple cut & paste!


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