Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Boat of Garten Down Platform repair - 7th February 2017

Finally after being apparently postponed for some 4 years, a start was made on renewing part of the facing of the Down Platform at Boat of Garten that has been slowly crumbling. Sunday saw Andrew MacCracken and "Action Man McClintock" with the aid of Georgie on the Road Rail JCB, lift the heavy coping stones out of the way on the affected length.
This was the worksite that greeted us yesterday morning but the first job was to fix the sticking door into the Porter's Room, which was done by Jim and Mike quite quickly.
 Difficult to see from this photo but at some point in the long history of the platform it was raised, unfortunately using red sandstone, which over time has started to crumble and now threatening the clearance gauge for passing trains. 
Jim proving he does work - sometimes!  The porous sandstone can be seen more clearly dumped in the "Grampus" Wagon.
Hopefully Vic the Builder will be able to use the original solid granite as a base, notice the sloping ramp stones at this end of the to be repaired section, possibly meaning that's as far as the original 1863 platform went?
Thanks to Georgie, Mike, Roddy and Jim for braving the not forecast wintery weather.

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