Saturday, 18 February 2017

Track Slewing Lackgie - 18th february 2017

Todays task was "a bit of slewing" according to Georgie!
As the section to be slewed included Lackgie Level Crossing, the majority of the timbers had to be temporarily lifted as below. 

The next task was to dig out the sleeper ends, so as the ballast would not impede the intended lateral movement of the track. In total 16 x 60 foot lengths of rail were slewed, which nearly killed John as the slewing jack is a very heavy indeed, Jim was on the lifting jack and allegedly worked just as hard (no photos though!)
Fortunately today was the first weekend service running of the DMU - Diesel Multiple Unit  or "Vintage Panoramic Railcar" in marketing speak, anyway it gave all a short break whilst it approached and passed. The rest of the squad packed the ballast at the opposite end of the sleeper ends that had been dug out, to prevent the track from springing back to its original alignment and back filling and tidying the dug out ends, all under the watchful eye of Georgie.

Busy scene here reinstating the timbers

and then ballasting all around them, lets hope the rainbow landed in the till at
Broomhill Station.

Of course as there was such a big squad, the job finished early and Georgie decides that a bit of tidying up of ballast is always in order!
Thanks to Georgie, Andy, Angus, Andrew, Jim, John, Martin, Rodger, with Mike and Ian joining in the afternoon after their Strathspey Railway Association Board meeting. 
Thanks again to John for photos and information.

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