Monday, 19 June 2017

Tree cutting & Fishplates - 17&18th June 2017

Recently the Strathspey Railway Association paid for four members of the PWay squad to go on a four day chainsaw course :-
 "Day1 composes of workshop time, ppe/health & safety awareness, chainsaw maintainance/sharpening, risk assessments, environmental considerations. 
Day 2 in the woods, fuelling and cold starting procedure,operator positioning, practising on pre felled logs the following ,cross cutting,felling cuts, boreing cuts.
Day 3 in the woods, surveying work site, and breaking in/brashing live trees (removing lower branches to gain access to trunk for felling, as above) then felling live trees with a hinge cut, de-limbing and sectioning into logs
Day 4 in the woods -mostly same as day 3, then learnt a few extra  get out of jail cuts, eg hung up trees, limited access cuts, unstable and leaning trees.
Overall the course was very hard physically but we learnt a lot and will take forward the good practices into the pway squads tree and brush removal"
Glad to report all were certified competent (I think some just need Certified!) Anyway Congratulations to (above left to right) Jim, John, Neil and Ian and thanks to the appropriately named John Wood for info and photos.
 Meanwhile the planned weekend PWay work of fishplate oiling continues towards Aviemore.

Above the Saturday's squad take a well earned rest in the heat. Photo from Bruce Buswell (next time maybe photoshop out Mike's legs!)
And the Sunday squad do the same. Over the weekend in excess of a mile and a quarter was completed thanks to Roger, Mike, Ian on the Saturday and on the Sunday Fergus, Iain and special mention must go to Andy and Bruce for turning out on both.
Our recently re-painted class 27 hauls the return working of the Sunday Diner Train near milepost 86 and 1/4, maybe fishplate oiling miles from anywhere has its advantages after all, although it was a long walk back to our cars at the end of the day.

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