Monday, 5 March 2018

Lineside Clearance and unloading old sleepers - 3rd &4th March 2018

 On Saturday good sized squad turned up at Boat of Garten, to find couple of inches of snow and a biting easterly wind but it wasn't long before the stove in Guards Van (BG) was well alight and the PWay train hauled by the Diesel Class 27 got us to the first worksite
Sighting of the Boat of Garten Down Distant Signal and Kinchurdy Level crossing was being obscured by overhanging branches, which were quickly seen to, by a loaned battery pole saw, which everyone had a go with and all well impressed with it's capabilities.  

Then onto next location Lynchurn, where two mature birch trees felled, delimbed and the brash was burnt (much to pyromaniac Mike's delight)
Luncheon was had out of the wind in the BG.
Andrew (bowsaw) MacCracken cut through a heap of gorse on the upper bank of the cutting using his tool of choice the bowsaw, the mans a machine!! Angus, Martin, Mike, Steve and Georgie dragged and burnt brash, while Ian dispatched another four30+ yr old Ash trees on the opposite bank, felled, delimbed, brash burnt. Last job was clearing the level crossing of gorse to improve sight lines, then we tidyied up, loaded up the Shark with a bit of firewood and headed back to boat for 4pm, productive day and good job done by all.
Thanks to all mentioned, Steve Robinson for driving the train and Roddy Macphee for getting the photos to me.
The following day I was the only Volunteer but Steve and Georgie soon another PWay train marshalled and ready to depart Aviemore,
as seen from the Brake Van.

You may remember from the last Blog entry, the lifted sleepers from Spey Lodge LC they were unloaded from the Flatrol wagon and should be re-used again! to eventually repair the fire damage at the "Summit" PWay shed.
Our sharp eyed Driver Steve spotted the above close to the line, speculation was it maybe for Wildcat filming?
A start was made on changing fishplates but more on that subject another time.......

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