Sunday, 18 March 2018

Milepost 85 -1640 yards to 86 - 260 yards - 17th & 18th March 2018

Firstly, many thanks to Angus and Roger for braving the Siberian windy weather and assisting Georgie on Saturday, making one of the few PWay Huts that we have on the Railway, more weatherproof for shelter, as we are certainly going to be working in this location for some time. It can be seen in the background below.

On Sunday we finally finished digging out all the beds of the sleepers to be changed. Fergus on the left above, mentioned that he must have dug about 100 out of the 150!  BIG thank you to him, as both Andrew (right) and I were knackered after only a few.

On to the next task removing the screws, thank goodness we have the petrol driven "Bance" to unscrew them, although it becomes heavy after a while.
Once the screws have been hand picked out and carefully placed to the side,


 the old wooden ferrules are removed, using the pointy end of a bar to break them and brutally teased out, easier said than done sometimes.
Then Andrew here, hammers in the new plastic ones so that they are tight in the chair.
We managed to repeat this process most of the afternoon, we reckon completeing almost half of the 150 sleepers to do. Most of the new sleepers can be seen here ready & waiting in the Down Cess.  

One train passed the worksite - an empty stock movement towards Aviemore, with Georgie surveying our efforts from the rear veranda of the brakevan.

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