Sunday, 16 September 2018

Pway "Line Inspection" - 15th September 2018

Every few years the PWay Squad get to informally "Inspect the line" from the comfort of the Watkinson Trust's - LMS Inspection Saloon being kindly added to the service train for the day.
We get a grand view of the track when at the rear of the train
and the sights sounds and smells when directly behind the locomotive. This year we had in addition to our own usual liquid refreshments, for the PWay anyway - Gourmet Fine Dining! (soup, pies and sausage rolls) provided by our own Strathspey Railway Catering department, many thanks to John -Head Chef, Howard -Sous Chef and Lucinda-Front of House and below Photographer!
Above is a group photo hastely arranged on Boat of Garten platform, of the first sitting of the hearty soup etc, the Strathspey Railway Co. AGM attendees had the late, on the 2.45pm departure
The Saloon being shunted off, with Tommy at the ground frame -whose tireless efforts sourcing, fitting, replacing and testing 46512's steam brake, since her failure on Wednesday certainly paid off.
Many many thanks it would not have been the same behind a Diesel Locomotive.
I thank all those that attended and hope that they had an enjoyable day and look forward to suggestions for next years trip/event......

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