Wednesday, 26 September 2018

MSP near "Fisherman's Crossing" - 26th September 2018

(No Members of Scottish Parliament were spotted - just plenty lorries on A95!)
In PWay speak MSP stands for Measured Shovel Packing-
Sighting boards used to measure how much the rail has dipped, by taking the readings from the adjustable scale centre board at each sleeper  
and then written down on the web of the rail
reflecting the number of cans of "chippies" that need to be evenly spread below the sleeper,
(one can = 1/16 of an Inch lift )
of course every second sleeper bed the ballast needs to be pain stakingly dug out first  
so that the swan neck shovel with requisite amount of chippies can fit under the jacked up sleeper and spread evenly. Above left to right in foreground Bruce, Dave and Reg - all up on separate "Holidays"!
Well done to all that attended this unexpected mid-week "SAGA" day, in total one 60 foot length got a considerable lift and a number of dipped joints were also rectified. 
Just a pity there weren't more trains to give us more breaks! as we all found it hard going. 

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