Saturday, 6 October 2018

MSP in Kinchurdy cutting - 6th October 2018

A small squad made our way out to Kinchurdy Cutting, to attempt to rectify the minor track alignment defect as identified by Engine Crew a few weeks ago. 
Measuring was done, using sighting boards and cross levelling, datums set, design cants taken into account and transitions (all above my pay grade!) ie dark art of Measured Shovel Packing (MSP) was again put to good use, of course Sleeper beds needed digging as above, about a 60 foot length on the high rail and just joints on the low.

First rather steamy train of the day eventually arrived, some 15 minutes late, it was declared a "failure" on arrival at Broomhill - Georgie was summoned to get the Token back to Aviemore by car and we were advised to watch out for the
assisting Locomotive which duly rattled past.

We carried on dealing with the simpler dipped joints until Georgie returned and she

suggested "a bit of slewing boys", by putting the jack in at an angle and digging out the sleeper ends (above track is being slewed to the right, to Georgie's satisfaction.)
Above a jaunty Les Grant who was doing the Track Inspection, came quickly upon us and ignored all the lumps and bumps that we temporarily create until flattened out by rail traffic. We continued dealing with dipped joints up to Kinchurdy Bridge to physically finish us off!
Above left cab, Les gets a lift back to Aviemore (to spot anything he missed on the 5 mile walk there!) The train ran in "Top and Tail" mode for the remainder of the day, here 828 giving the class 31 a defiant shove on departure from Boat of Garten.
On putting away the tools we came across "Vandyke" McClintock who is now top coating the Brake Guard Van in its official livery- "Murray Duncan Green" as printed on the paint tin!
Thanks to all that assisted the PWay Dept in its wide ranging tasks in perfect weather today.



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