Thursday, 13 December 2018

Unloading Track panels at Boat of Garten - 12th December 2018

On Wednesday a midweek squad of Andrew, Martin, Roger & Mike headed to Boat of Garten, expecting to be out on the track towards Broomhill, to be helping with the Raptor oil pipe laying (more info in a future Blog) or preparing the farm crossings for them.
The pipes were delayed until Friday so it was a retasking job which was coped with easily.

Some of the track panels had been off loaded earlier by the Raptor oil Hiab lorry so we started un clipping until the lorry driver returned ..& succeeded on those accessible

Andrew knocking out Pandrol clips above
and likewise Martin but with a backstroke
..the Mills clips proved troublesome but with a few grunts came out.

Then the bulk of the other panels were offloaded & this would have been finished had a hydraulic hose not failed. A wagon cleared of panels was taken to Broomhill in readiness for the pipes arrival.
Also above the site of the Boat storage shed ( Project Undercover ) is cleared of rolling stock & once the loading bank is taken away it's foundations will be progressed.
Thanks again to Mike Tough for all info/photos

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