Monday, 10 December 2018

An extra PWay day squeezed in - 7th December 2018

Saturday 1st of December saw a small squad - Roger, Mike & Georgie started digging out beds to the North of the Bothy (near the "Summit") where we finished marathon re-sleepering earlier this year - 42 done 83 still to do......
Saturday 7th (an extra day designed to get away from the Christmas preparations) ... Roger again, Mike again and Andrew went to Croftnahaven North where cess drainage works had been done recently and where we were bothered about silt blockages in pipes (as above)-inspection pit should have been half full of water.
The entire length of pipe was cleared & rodded with some new drain rods & four new rodding access points were dug & set up ..see photo of one & Andrew.. the pipes are clear & running & although they have limited gradient water will get away to a newly dug out offlet at the north.
After finishing early afternoon, Mike went to help clean the second (fully booked) Santa train & took photos of reasonable ballast left by Network Rail 
maybe 600 tonnes in total ....some will be used to create the road track at the new running shed ..we may screen the rest for reuse.
Thanks to Mike for photos and info.

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