Saturday, 5 January 2019

Digging out sleeper beds near Summit - 5th & 6th January 2019

First PWay Weekend of 2019 saw as expected, a small dedicated squad, tackle possibly the least liked task of all - (as illustrated by PWay equivalent of "The Scream" by John Wood below)
 digging out sleeper beds in preparation of the never ending maintenance of the Railway Line - in the form of a continuation of re-sleepering towards the Summit between Aviemore and Boat of Garten, which we spent from March to July doing last year.
Above two adjacent life expired sleepers meant the whole bed must be dug out.
John reports Saturday -  "We managed 66 of 128, 42 being done by an earlier squad leaving 20 to be done, and no pesky trains to interrupt us either. Georgie noted that some of the sleepers to be changed were originally from the 1930s, so due a well earned rest me thinks (lets hope the replacements last that long!) Weather was cold but ideal for the task in hand." 
Thanks to Georgie, Mike, Martin and John - especially for info/photos (well one of them anyway)
Today saw an even smaller squad of Myself and Georgie dig out the remaining 20 beds before lunch and after we sourced 36 skirted cast fishplates and 36 skirted rolled fishplates, these are to be changed in connection with the re-sleepering of the 18 lengths of track. We loaded them into the "flatrol" wagon with all the new sleepers (as above) to be delivered to site by rail.
Above and below is the site of the proposed three road storage shed at Boat of Garten, devoid of the usual rail vehicles.
Mike Tough who has worked tirelessly for Months already on this project, hopes that a start can be made by the local construction contractor Nethy Steel Ltd sometime soon.

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