Sunday, 20 January 2019

"Operation Undercover" commences in earnest - 19th January 2019

Following on from my last Blog entry, Mike Tough (Volunteer Project Manager), Georgie and Nethy Steel Ltd our contractors, had a site meeting and an early start date was agreed with
 "Operation Undercover"- erection of open ended clad, Carriage Storage Shed - three "roads" wide by three carriage lengths long, at Boat of Garten - South Yard. 
Yesterday a ceremonial cutting of the first sod was attempted, albeit that the ground was frozen solid! (Above Front Left to right - John, Mike, Martin, Back Me (hat on) and Fergus) photo was kindly taken by Roger Snowdon whom is making a good recovery after a recent illness and we hope to see him back for light duties soon. 
Our first task was to carefully clear all the S&T miscellaneous bits and pieces back to where Fergus is on the right, so that our contractors have 2 metres of trip free access right round the proposed building.  
We even found some of our own PWay heavier material - base plates/chairs etc that we barrowed clear. In the background can be seen the wooden/soil loading bank which unfortunately, much to Georgie's sadness, also has to go. (Note also Rylock fencing below Boat sign for later)
Georgie also continued unloading spoilt ballast - which was donated recently by Network Rail at Aviemore, to level the entire site.


An almost empty train was loaded, marshalled and despatched, by the time it arrived in Aviemore, it was devoid of the fencing material (thanks to John & Fergus) required on just over of a mile of fencing to repair and be made stock proof using the aforementioned Rylock as above now strategically placed at 100 metre intervals in the Up cess.
To keep us warm as the sun sank, a start was made removing the sleepers from the top of the bank and
duly taken away by Georgie.
Thanks to all whom attended much was achieved but still an awful lot to do in such a short space of time..... Mike advised that "steel & cladding material are due to arrive 25/1/19 then hopefully foundations will be cast early February and finished by March" - weather permitting. 



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