Sunday, 24 November 2019

Posts & Railings - 21st November 2019

A semi planned midweek PWay day saw us trying to pick up the tools from Boat of Garten yard, our progress was impeded somewhat by a forty strong film crew which had hired the Station for the day!

A short narrow gauge railway? photo courtesy of our Film Liaison Manager.  


Jim & Martin, above and I trundled off towards Broomhill, hammering in surplus round fence posts to more permanently mark the sighting distances of the User Worked Crossings, which I described in 3rd November Blog entry. Martin was a dab hand at creating a pilot hole with a bar, then Jim and I would take turns melling them in, Jim being our "plumber" ensuring they are plumb!  They still need to be painted, otherwise likely to get flailed!  
Meanwhile Mike and John Sinclair, were making a start on putting hand rails on both the parapets of underbridge at Milton as per the Office of Rail & Road (ORR) instruction.

Mike reports the following good news-
The purchase of the above Colmar 4300. Road Rail Vehicle is confirmed from Ab2000 Glasgow. 
A heavy duty rotating grab is also purchased, it will also be able to have our larger vegetation flail finally fitted which will allow more extensive lineside clearance, due to the much longer reach than the current JCB RRV. 
It is getting rail wheel brakes fitted at Allan Hargreaves Plant Engineers Ltd in Lancs and should be with us in February next year. This machine will greatly assist the planned future track changes at Boat of Garten North site (Morleys)  and at the proposed new Aviemore Running Shed.

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