Monday, 13 July 2020

Morley's Mk 2 - 11th July 2020

Despite a record five call offs (various reasons) a good squad still managed to assemble at Boat of Garten. Georgie was already on site selecting, measuring & preparing the rail to be used from the pile near the North Signal Cabin
John Wood cuts as Iain and Kevin observe
and this is the gap to be bridged, the new and improved rail vehicle inspection pit inside Morley's Shed (mark 2 - as the original one accidently burnt down almost exactly a year ago) Roger digs out the rail ends and Kevin likewise at North end, hoping that Georgie measured the gap more than once! 
Kevin & Martin were then deployed onto Road Rail Vehicle Access Point (RRVAP) to fill in the "6 foot" between the mainline and siding, with the dark coloured infill. Above is a wee clip from John showing the purpose of his RRVAP!

The 2nd rail is carefully manoeuvred into position.
After awkward drilling and screwing down, fishplated up, we were getting there by lunchtime.
Martin seconded a vibrating whacker plate, which happened to be handy! to compact the hardcore on either side of the longitudinal timbers. 
and Georgie drops a top dressing for us to spread about by shovel, getting the floor more level.
and we finished off by going round the inside perimeter and a bit of tidying up.
Many thanks to John, Iain, Roger, Martin & Kevin (who is hoping his apprenticeship of digging ballast is already over!) 

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