Monday, 6 July 2020

Normal conditions return (sort of) -1st & 4th July 2020

Mid-week saw a small productive squad - 
Mike, Les, Angus and myself try and tackle some of the bushes behind the stored concrete sleepers that Georgie wont be able to reach with the new flail, when it gets attached to the new Colmar, just visible is the top of the new "Outer Home" signal post, which requires to be  clearly seen from some 240 yards apparently. Chainsaw will be required next time for a couple of trees. I forgot to take an after photo.

After lunch, S&T Dept in form of Rob Law asked us to retrieve a couple of signal ladders from behind the new storage shed (nothing is ever light! but it did make us socially distance) and take them to the North Signal Cabin.
Likewise with a "few" signalwire posts.
We went home tired!
A large squad met up at Morley's on Saturday.
 Not to be shown up by the S&T's Blog's technological wizardry - above hopefully is a wee video clip of one of the empty Route/Traction Revision trips passing one of the day's worksites, in hopefully NOT new normal Summer weather!
After a lot of measuring, cutting and notching led appropriately by Mr.Wood (far right)
The Road Rail Vehicle Access Pad (RRVAP as Network Rail call them) takes shape, basically its where Georgie can safely get the new Colmar RRV onto/off the track,
either within the PWay Depot siding or on the mainline (right).
Yet again we were seconded to the S&T Dept, this time electrical cable hauling, all the way to the new Outer Home Signal.
Photos from Me, Mike, Rob and Video from John
Many Thanks to Georgie, Mike, Ian, Lauren, Iain, John, Fergus, Angus, Kevin, Graeme and Roger.

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