Saturday, 1 July 2017

More Fishy Tales - 30th June & 1st July 2017

The PWay Weekend started early for Volunteers from all Departments & Partners totalling nearly 60, as the Strathspey Railway Association organised a "Fish & Chips Special" in the form of hiring free gratis - Bob Faulkner's Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) from Aviemore to the Bridge over the River Dulnain.
Also many thanks to Bob for his expert Driving and stopping in time! Celebrated by stalwart Volunteer Martin Macleod, finding an appropriate beer in his collection for the evening.   
Above some Volunteers queue up in the car park at Broomhill, to be served very tasty fish & chips supplied by our local fish & chip "van". Thanks to Helen and Nick Thomson for putting on a good spread of condiments and "refreshments" in the Station.

Due to the remoteness of where we finished off fishplate oiling the last time, most of the large squad managed to get an early lift from Bob and his DMU, on the Saturday morning to milepost 86 as it went "Empty Coaching Stock" back to Boat of Garten. Above is a hurried shot of the first service train near 59 & 1/4 milepost.
Thanks go to Neil Howie(fore ground), Mike, Angus, John, Roger and Andrews Maclintock and McCracken for completing nearly a mile and 3/4's in one day, finishing at Dalfaber Level Crossing, which many of our Volunteers have been seeing rather a lot of recently-
as the Highland Council's crossing lights have been defective for in excess of a fortnight - necessitating our Flagmen to stop the road traffic. It seems to me as a Volunteer, just maybe Highland council could see fit as recompense for all our man hours & inconvenience, to use their Road Sweeper/Gully Sucker to remove all their accumulated dirt in the flangeway between the road and rail at the crossing, as it is on our to-do list, just haven't worked out a safe way to do it, as it is a busy road. 

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