Friday, 30 November 2018

Network Rail Donations - 27th November 2018

The Highland Mainline (HML) was closed for engineering work in various places last weekend, including Aviemore where the 78 hour Possession of the line was put to good use for Strathspey Railways benefit.
Centre of the above picture in distance shows the plain-lining of the HML 
and as per the last Blog entry where the switches and associated shunting signals landed up. 
We also gained by donation from Network Rail a good number of short track panels, this transference did not commence until 0400 on Monday, goodness knows when it finshed! 

as you can see there are quite a few of them, as well as loose concrete sleepers, also a buffer end
and a whole heavy train load strapped up waiting to be hauled to Boat of Garten today.
Thanks to Georgie and Fergus staying up for a very long nightshift and Rob Law for taking the day after photos.


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