Thursday, 30 April 2020

Boat Sea Containers & Traps! - 30th April 2020

Prior to the Lockdown two steel sea containers appeared at Boat of Garten Station, just North of the Up Platform.
In late 2019 Royal Scotsman requested a facility to store spares for their train at the same time as our Catering department found that they need to resume usage of the Catering room at Boat. Robert Walters, resident Stationmaster, proposed a scheme involving two modified shipping containers, the larger for Royal Scotsman (Belmond Hotels), the smaller for use as a station store/workshop.
Robert is in the unique position of actually living on the station and so has been able to continue work on cladding the containers, hopefully turning a rather scruffy part of the station into a tidy storage facility. If one has to be locked down, Boat of Garten Station is not a bad place to live!
Georgie has also been very busy, above is the switch for PWay Siding or into Morley's (mark II) Shed.
The track geometry did not allow for conventional Trap switches to protect the Mainline from unintended rail vehicle movements onto it but as ever Georgie has come up with an old fashioned ingenious solution!
Two single switches - one for each of the "Roads" (routes), which if not set for the Mainline will derail errand rail vehicles before a dangerous situation could occur. The brand new switch on the Mainline will be mechanically interlocked with the two Trap switches but that is a further job for Rob Law and the S&T Department, which incidentally will be starting their own Blog soon I hope! (I will include this in "Associated Blog" section to the right of this)
Thanks to Stationmaster Walters for words/photos and Rob Law for the very up to date photos.    



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