Friday, 3 April 2020

Views from Boat of Garten Stationmaster - March 2020

This was the scene on the Sunday after "The Big Lift",
 Georgie had scooped ballast out of a wagon using the O&K Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) 

and carefully dropped it in the required spaces.

By the following Saturday, Stationmaster Walters (ex-PW Engineer) decided to take his permitted daily perambulation, towards Morley's Mark 2 (although work ceased currently due to Covid 19 Lockdown, article likely in "Express") though he failed to dodge the hail and sleet showers!

Finding that Georgie had been quietly keeping herself busy, tidying all the ballast. He reports "Given the compound curvature both vertical and horizontal, the alignment is superb, above photograph appears to show an issue with the outer rail beyond the check rail but it looks much worse in the photo than in reality! "

The locomotive crews will tell us soon enough! once the service eventually recommences.....


Mid week the new (to us, again article likely in "Express") Colmar RRV was delivered, having had it's rail brakes fitted

and it wasn't long before Georgie fitted the grab and was testing it out!
Thanks to Stationmaster Walters for nearly all the photos and Info.




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