Monday, 20 April 2020

Visible progress during Lockdown - April 2020

Whilst the Strathspey Railway is in Lockdown to volunteers.

 Georgie gets to grips with the control system differences from the O&K RRV, seen here training with the clam shell bucket and telescopic counterweight in action, creating the route for the point rodding for the new switch (note practising takes place with S&T projects!)

Georgie changed two sleepers for hardwood timbers, so that S&T Dept can securely attach their cranks and rodding to.

A new Boat of Garten - Broomhill Section Signal has been planted, .
as well as the bench that the ground shunt signal will be attached to, for access to Morley's
You are possibly wondering what a bench is? Basically it anchors the foundations, preventing any movement of the structure that is attached to it, 90 percent of the above bench likely to be underground! (hence not much to see for the amount of work required) 

Switch almost there by the looks of things

And on to the next one!
Thanks to all that contributed.

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