Saturday, 24 November 2018

Daytime tranquility - Night time action - 24th November 2018

Who needs a drone! When we have Rob Law from our S&T (Signalling & Telegraph) Department, who obviously has a head for heights, as the following photos taken from atop of signal number 20, yesterday.  

Grand wide angle view looking North 
Left centre shows the new switch from previous Blog entry and how much closer mainline trains will be to our boundary fence.
And looking South, furthest away set of switches destined to waltz over our fence
and at some unearthly hour this morning, one of the Kirow 25 tonne rail cranes duly arrived in platform 3
The other remained on the mainline and I guess lifted sections of Switches and Crossing (S&C) onto our single line -where we were to dismantle at our leisure but our own Santa services were due to start in a few hours time!
So BAM kindly arranged the second crane to pick them up again and put them in a free area off our car park.
  Thanks to Colin Stirling for all the night time shots (who has redeemed himself, from his previous photographic efforts!) and of course Rob Law for the vertigo inducing ones and Mike Tough for the day after photo - showing one bullhead and one flatbottom rail switch.
Georgie and Fergus will no doubt update me in due course, as they offered to do the Nightshift PWay! 



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