Monday, 19 November 2018

Strathspey Railway Association AGM and a World First!- 17/18 November 2018

The Strathspey Railway Association AGM yet again clashed with a PWay work Weekend but Georgie put us to good use for a couple of hours prior to it - Winterising the switches at Aviemore, with special anti-freeze slidechair lubricant. Angus, Iain, Roddy and myself did as many as we could in the short time allotted. Stevie and Georgie hindered us a bit by preparing a train to take away the mound of firebox ash that accumulates by the Engine Shed.

 Mike and John sawed to size many batons and made framing (above) for the anticipated short panels of track, hopefully heading our way from the Aviemore works of "Highland Mainline Enhancement Project"
which was the very interesting post AGM talk given by Stephen Muirhead, thereafter a few beers were had...….
On the Sunday Martin reports -  "Angus & I spent a couple of hours winterising points at south end of Boat of Garten this morning then once Stevie brought train through we unloaded 2 wagons full (around 8 tons) of ash into down cess for around 200 yards around Mile Post 91. Not bad considering there were only 3 of us shovelling" 

and this taken from Network Rail Twitterfeed yesterday - "This is a crossing track section installed today at Aviemore. It was designed & developed specifically for Highland Main Line and this is first ever installation of its kind- certainly in UK - but probably worldwide. For techies, it's a Highdrive with an F switch" in 56kg/m rail section fitted with S/O hydraulic back drives manufactured by Alstom in Italy.
No slidechair lubrication required but who'll know how to fix it when it fails!..... 

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