Saturday, 1 February 2020

Siding construction "Morley's" - 1st February 2020

Another excellent turnout from far and wide, to start construction of the track into Boat of Garten North Yard ("Morley's")

Roger gets High Speed instructions from Kevin, on how to break the metal securing band on the second hand sleepers. 

Using the well built sleeper template, constructed many years ago by Hamish MacKay, the holes are pre-drilled to gauge again by Roger ( Octogenarian learning more new skills!), in the pouring rain.
 Quite a production line was in operation - getting the chairs, new ferrules tapped in, screws dipped in creosote then tapped in and finally screwed down. The 24 Network Rail sleepers bought from Doncaster, soon turned into very useful components for building an eventual bullhead track panel (I guess!).
Meanwhile another team got to re-build the buffer end, which was surplus to requirements from the Network Rail re-modelling scheme at Aviemore last year. Georgie using the rail jacks to get the correct gauge.
Above John carefully cuts, the previously crude gas-axed rail ends, so that they can be fishplated up eventually, once the rail drill has done its job. A fair bit of huffing and puffing was required to try and get buffer end true and square. 
The Gang worked through the weather elements and a lot was achieved. Thanks to Jim, John, Ian, Bruce, Kevin, Angus, Roger and of course Georgie.


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