Monday, 17 February 2020

Slewing, Sighting & Packing Boat of Garten North Yard - 15th February 2020

John Wood reports -
"Another big squad today, two Ian's, Mike, Roger, Jim, Angus, Martin, Fergus, John, and Georgie. Weather was as predicted cold, windy and wet (aka Storm Dennis)
First tasks, slew the assembled siding 6 foot 6 inches from the mainline to ensure the were no gauging issues, then move timbers and sleepers to the  Boat end of the worksite ( Ian and Georgie ) with the Road Rail Vehicle (RRV)
  John, Fergus, Angus & Roger replaced all the temporary fishplate bolts with the correct length items (as they could not be sourced first time round!)

   Rest of the squad began sighting, lifting and packing the first rail, then cross levelling, lifting and packing the second rail on 154 sleepers on the new siding. This task took us until well after lunch, once complete, we re packed a couple of dipped joints on the siding and buffer end.

Lastly we dug out six beds to accommodate the cross timbers which will be used to locate the new RRV rail traversing platform to enable the RRV to get onto both the siding and the mainline in a timely manor.
Good to see the DMU out with fare paying passengers aboard" (seen above at Aviemore, poised for Service on the Sunday)

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