Thursday, 13 February 2020

Sidings & Restaurants! - 8th & 12th February 2019

John Wood Reports - Saturday 8th Feb
"Georgie, Andrew and myself, unloaded short rails and some other rail parts at Morley's from the PWay train, one long, one short bolster wagon, brake van and the wee shunter using the Road Rail Vehicle (RRV)
Wooden sleepers were slung and moved with the RRV to bridge the gap in the proposed siding up to the buffer stop, then 60ft lengths of rails were put into the previously laid concrete sleepers, Mike, Ian and Jim pitched up to assist after lunch. The 60ft rails were then clipped up (Mills clips ready to be hammered in above)  and fishplated, with the closure rails cut to length at the buffer stop end. Job was just about completed with just 120ft to be clipped before we called it a day.
Didn't manage much in the way off photos as it was bitterly cold wind, I wasn't taking my gloves off lol. Photos show finished siding to be slewed leveled and packed in the future."


Wednesday 12th Feb

For some Months now, the PWay squad have, as in previous years been seconded mid week on a temporary basis to the Carriage & Wagon Department to help clean and polish the carriages of the Strathspey Railway. The warm environment of the modern shed are indeed quite inviting at this time of year. 

As is usual, its teamwork that gets things done, Angus and Andrew apply the polish
Mike and Jim remove it.
Meanwhile outside in the cold, the first of the mid-week Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) Services convey a handful of passengers admiring the Winter scenery, just visible through the diesel induced "clag" are the Signal Boxes at Aviemore our one working and Network Rail's one now redundant.  
The above "RU" - Restaurant - Unclassified - meaning it caters for 1st & 2nd class passengers, was last repainted in 2013 and now looks as good as new!
Apparently going to get an internal makeover - perhaps it might feature in in the future? 
Many thanks over the past Months to - Angus, Andrew, Mike, Jim, Bruce, John H, Martin, Roger, Les, Roddy Roderick and many more I am sure!
Rumour has it there may be a "quick paint job" of a carriage to keep us busy!

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