Sunday, 2 February 2020

Track Laying "Morley's" - 02.02.20

Today Georgie gleefully told us that it was only minus 6 degrees! That only took us a little longer to get the Mess Van fire satisfactorily going before we ventured out.
The previous day Ian and Bruce had carefully marked up the positioning of the proposed sleeper ends in yellow on the ground and the spacing of the sleepers at 22 per 60 foot length (it is only a siding!) marked in white on the rails.
The Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) had positioned the re-built buffer end in approximately the correct position -  6 foot 6 inches from the Running line.
In true Strathspey fashion it snowed, obscuring all the markings! but we still managed to sling in all the required concrete sleepers - although a wee bit higilty pigilty.
After some more fine lining of sleepers, Georgie decided we could start putting in the rails
by after 4pm, 3 lengths were in, with a few Mills Clips holding it all in place, we left Georgie and Bruce attempting to fishplate up our credible efforts - certainly visible progress today.
Many thanks to Bruce, Kevin, Andrew, Mike and Georgie - in the nice and warm cab of her RRV! 

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