Monday, 16 March 2020

Significant S&T progress and PWay teamwork - 13/14 March 2020

Friday saw Robert from the Signal & Telegraph Department (S&T) start his work on the new switch -  
"sole plate drilled and shoe mounted. On the first day." Little did he know next stage would turn into a multiple marathon, assisted I believe by a multi-tasking (as ever) Georgie.
  "Second day, lock stretcher welded up in Aviemore Engine Shed by Ben. Trial fitted. Packing adjusted a dozen times until measurement in spec. Was a sod of a job. Put together, measure, not  right, take apart, adjust packing, put back to together. Measure. Still not right. Try again!


Once correct everything tightened up bolt offered up measurements taken, lock stretcher cut. Bolt offered up, bit of filing. Good tight fit. Stretcher bars fitted.
  Lid on. Tidy up and home for a beer or two"
(I suspect the photos don't match up to the narrative but hay-ho it is the PWay Blog!) But many thanks to Robert for the work, photos and words.
Meanwhile on Saturday the rest of the PWay squad get to grips building the Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) access pad, on the still to be connected siding.
Job almost done.
And onto the slightly more technical next task

drilling the holes in the existing mainline rails, so that the new S&C can be fishplated up.
Currently temporarily clamped as can be seen above in background.
Back to the manual labour of hand shovelling the remaining ballast out of the above wagons. Many thanks to Ian, Roger, Andrew, Fergus, Martin (and John & Mike for supplying photos/info)


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