Sunday, 8 March 2020

Switch Work half-day and full day Sunday - 7th & 8th March 2020

After another pesky meeting interfering with PWay Weekend (all be it, the Strathspey Railway pre-season get together, well attended with around 80 there) work commenced after lunch, with Ian, Martin & Mike plus Andrew started fixing down the high rail which had been set earlier by Georgie ..Roger joined us as did Georgie a little later, she had got detained after the meeting.
Then the low rail switch & the crossing were set & fixed down as was the cut to length plain rail all could be lifted in now Georgie says 
Signalling & Telegraph department (S&T) arrived to assess the point locking gear needed & stretcher bars all to fitted before the turnout is positioned good progress, above photo  
 Finance Director checking the newly purchased switches for value for money & maybe thinking about returning to PWay work...…
Thanks to Mike for all info & photos.
And Sunday's squad of Georgie, Iain, Fergus and Andrew who provided info and photos
 a lunchtime shot from Sunday with the curved closure and stock rails in place but still to be aligned, gauged and pinned down - which we managed in the afternoon bar a couple of special chairs and dumpies which Georgie has still to source.

Iain sensibly wearing hard hat in case Andrew dropped his camera!


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