Wednesday 5 March 2014

Bridging the Dulnain

To start off the new P-Way Blog for the Strathspey Railway, here is some rather late news!

On the weekend of the 15th February 2014 some very visible and significant progress was made as can hopefully be seen from the photos below. Please note that the rails on the bridge are temporary and will be used to assist in the placing of the final 10 cross beams, even the huge crane used could not reach far enough to put them in place.

The Colas crane arrives at Broomhill

The first girder is lifted off the wagon

Taking the girder for a walk
Finally bridging the gap

Both main girders secured

Fitting the cross-beams

Temporary track has been laid to install the remaining cross-beams.  The Colas crane doesn't have enough reach to install cross-beams all the way across.

Deep thought...