Wednesday 16 September 2020

Muscleman & Aviemore Engine Shed part III - 12th September 2020

 Last week Ian, John & their friend Derek kindly went and got a replacement for the "Muscleman" that was destroyed last year in the fire at Boat of Garten. 

 Above vehicle and trailer hired and the trip wasn't local, as it was from the Paighton & Dartmouth Railway. Took them a few days to wend their way back up North, calling in at a couple of Heritage Railways enroute and sampling a few local ales no doubt! (more details in next edition of our Members' magazine "Express" I am sure)

Saturday saw Bruce, Martin, Fergus, Angus, Ian, John and Georgie meet up for final installment of the new timbers (ordered before Lockdown) at Aviemore. 

John used his small chainsaw to cut the last scarf joint, which was found to be much quicker, (bet Angus was relieved)  then it was a case of dropping in chairs and rails, fishplating and keying up the new wooden oak keys that Jack from the Carriage & Wagon Dept kindly made for us, the old ones resembled kindling for the firebox 

Georgie precisely positioning the 100 plus year old chairs,

Ian (I think!) drilling after the gauge had been checked

 John likewise with a beefier drill  (at first glance I thought Fergus was drinking tea in background!)

 and then Martin screwed down. Georgie must have been pleased with the team effort as she bought tea cakes for the Gang and a rare early finish was granted.

Thanks to all that attended and Bruce & John for the photos - without which, it wouldn't be a blog.

Sunday saw Georgie, Andrew and Kevin being productive I am sure....

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Aviemore Engine Shed part II & Bi Annual Weedkill Train - 5th & 9th September 2020

 Whilst Georgie was not about, P'Way work continued in the form of oiling the slidechairs of points, weedkilling yards & stations by backpack spraying and lopping the rapidly encroaching vegetation around Dalfaber level crossing, as well as the usual mandatory Track Inspections.

On her return we were able to continue renewing the timbers on number 4 road in Aviemore Engine Shed - I suspect this infrastructure was not appreciated before now!
Above Queen Anne had managed to escape being marooned and was trial running in the yard - no doubt an update to will come in due course.

Georgie possibly showing Mike and Angus what is required

and Angus getting on with it.

By the end of the day the giant carpentry skills are taking shape  
Thanks to Bruce, Mike, Kevin, Angus & Martin (and Mike & Rob Law for supplying photos)

Today saw the necessary end to end line weedkiller train.

From as far South as we can go (optical illusion that we are past the red signal) Bruce manned the gates at Aviemore

propelling at a steady 5mph

 Through Granish Moor in sunshine

A few pit stops to fill up with water pumped from the tanker and John cleaning carburetor to get the pump restated again and again!

To the river Dulnain and thankfully the ancient North British Locomotive got us back to Boat of Garten before temporarily overheating.

Many thanks to Georgie, John, Bruce and Mike.