Sunday 16 August 2020

Aviemore Engine Shed - 15th August 2020

A larger than anticipated squad assembled at Aviemore Engine Shed, to commence renewal of the longitudinal timbers below the Up rail in number four road.

John finishes off removing the detritus from the four foot, having back breakingly  shifted all the dumped ironmongery to the faraway end the previous Saturday.

Taking a breather, after dismantling the track and lifting the rails out by hand, also the "temporary fix" sleepers behind Fergus in shorts,in the distance (fortunately!) were easily removed.

Not so the proper ancient timbers, which we found the concrete edge had been built around!
Again John uses one of his many modern invaluable tools, with a less modern Black Five taking shape in the background.

Kevin hoping Mike doesn't need more sand after a couple of wee concrete repairs and a quarter of an inch bedding sand applied.

The new 6.2 metre timber gets notched outside in the baking sun, ready for insertion another day.......

Many thanks to John, Mike, Ian, Iain, Kevin, Fergus, Andrew and Georgie - some of whom had fun with jacks under the new ablutions block.

Sunday 9 August 2020

Drumuillie routine maintenance - 8th August 2020

Mike Tough captured the below image last Saturday

Of the "new" flail (purchased by Strathspey Railway Association couple of years ago) now finally attached to the Colmar by John Sinclair, Georgie did comment that operating it is a mental challenge, as many controls and not enough arms! (the homemade counterweight seems handy should she come across a broken fishplate) In the background the Members' trail train arrives in Boat of Garten.

And taken from the train yesterday by John Hornby.



Yesterday a large squad assembled at Morley's on a sunny cool morning, Georgie had already loaded up her van with the tools and we proceeded to walk the half mile to the rendezvous point of Drumuillie Level Crossing, where earlier in the week Dave Green and Georgie had carefully dropped seemingly small quantities of ballast from the PWay train to where it was required, between Milton No2 LC and Lynchurn No1

Looking towards Boat of Garten

Iain starts tidying the Up shoulder in time honoured fashion.  

As part of the routine maintenance, the intention was to oil the fishplates on the 180 foot long lengths but due to the number/skill/speed of the volunteers this was surpassed. I wish the same could be said about the ballast tidying! - the sun was hot and none of us are getting any younger.

But scenes like this made it worthwhile - the first revenue earning train since January approaches Drumuillie.

Many thanks to Mike, Martin, Angus, Iain, Kevin, Roger, Fergus, Andrew and Georgie.

This maybe the last PWay Blog as the new Blogger I cannot add photos - I have reverted to the "legacy" one which will soon become obsolete 😟