Tuesday 28 October 2014

Recent events ending 18th 19th October 2014

Thanks to ian for info and photos.
PWay team members (idiots?) John Wood and Ian Stanworth became White Van Men for the weekend, taking a van from Inverness down to the Leighton Buzzard Railway to pick up bits of two Jacker Packers to act as spares for the operational machine that we have. They picked up the bits that the haulier may have left behind, and which may well be valuable in the future.
The timbers have arrived to sit in the channels on the Dulnain Bridge and will be installed once the blacksmith has completed fitting the channels onto the crossbeams. The chamfers on the timbers are to ensure a better fit in the channels.
The days work commenced with tidying of ballast between Milton No1 and No2 Level Crossings where a team of 6 were in attendance. In the afternoon, following the SRA meeting the team swelled to 8 and measured shovel packing was undertaken nearby, together with similar work being undertaken on a total of 4 joints in the section where rail welding has taken place.

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Rail Welding 6th & 7th October 2014

Last PWay weekend saw considerable tidying of ballast, measured shovel packing (MSP) etc on the Drumullie straight, tiring but satisfying work as it should require very little maintenance in the future. 

When we first laid the line we where left with short irregular lengths of rail, meaning joints straddling sleepers, staggered joints and other unsatisfactory things for the long term. To rectify these "defects" and reduce maintenance in the form of oiling fishplates and MSP etc. It was decided to weld together the short lengths and make a number of 180 foot lengths.

Above in preparation of the Welders coming, temporary clamps and fishplates necessitated a long 10 miles per hour temporary speed restriction, which I am sure theTraincrew enjoyed immensely!

Warming of rail just prior toThermic Welding, photo from M.Tough

The still very hot mould after welding, photo from M.Tough

Rail Grinding off the rough bits.

I believe in total 27 welds were completed over the two days, thanks go to the professional welders from Renown Rail Services from York & Doncaster and if money permits they may well be back.

Here's a video of the Thermic Welding in Sweden