Sunday 29 January 2023

Dalfaber and Kinchurdy - two week ending 28th January 2023

A chilly midweek day recently saw us meet at Dalfaber level crossing - to regulate the rails on the up side of the crossing,

to considerably close the gap between old and new. The less said about elastic spikes the better! But we managed and Georgie will fit the required fishplates in due course.

After a warming lunch was had in Spey Lodge we headed to the Down side of the crossing with the required tools and two new insulated fishplates required for the upgrading of the crossing. Angus and Mike removing the old plates above.

Georgie warming up the oil, prior to removal with rags - apparently to prevent erroneous track circuit failures.

Plates finally fitted in worsening snow conditions, as both Mike's and my wifes had phoned to say "get home" as in Inverness was snowing heavily, of course we did what we were told!
Thanks to Angus, Mike and Georgie. 

(more exhaustive news re Dalfaber can be found in brother blog)


Yesterday saw cool dry weather and again as requested a good sized squad met at Boat of Garten. PWay train eventually departed for worksite.

Some unusual, unwelcome trespassers were corralled off the premises, our fencing contractor (Fergus) was dispatched to find their access point - bit of a mystery, as fences all good.   

Transpired there were two worksites - measured shovel packing at the strap rails near Kinchurdy Cottages, attended to by Angus, Fergus, Roddy, David and Georgie. Big numbers were encountered but Georgie said it was about tens years since last done.

This left Les, Mike, Ian and myself to finish off the previously reputed record breaking 74 changed in one day! It took us the whole day to properly complete - squaring, gauging and screwing down everything, maybe we should half the record number?  (true to say maybe, 74 sleepers were inserted) Anyway thanks to all that attended and some photos from Mike and Roddy.


Saturday 14 January 2023

First two Saturdays of 2023

First Saturday of January saw a small squad meet at Boat of Garten, PWay train went to Milton to pick up felled trees and further on towards Broomhill redundant timbers that had been used by a local oil company Raptor Oil which had been doing acoustic testing on pipelines laid horizontally in our four foot for some years.

Thanks to Angus (above) Michael in background and Mike who took photos/Info.


Georgie requested a good number of Volunteers for Saturday 14th January and the guys didn't let her down. The task is a continuation of the re-sleepering on "Kinchurdy Straight ".

P'Way train parked up clear of Kinchurdy Level Crossing, 33 sleepers readied for changing.


Slight widening of gauge required on curve behind train (only one end pre-drilled in advance to allow such fine adjustments)

Luncheon was taken in the warmth of the Brakevan (much warmer than the Messvan which wasn't in the train consist)

Almost certainly a record for The Strathspey Railway - 74 sleepers changed in one day!

 The complete pre-drilling to gauge of all sleepers on the straight definitely helped get them in quickly and above photo was taken by Strathspey Railway Chairman - Doug Scott who came to see the excellent progress.

Many thanks to Georgie, Martin, David, Fergus, Kevin and Ian & Mike who took the other photos/info.

Sunday 1 January 2023

Milton Lade - 31st December 2022

Mike recently did a Track Inspection and checked that the water was going into the water tower at Boat of Garten and spotted passing traffic below!

Only Ian and me managed another extra P'Way day (Georgie was otherwise occupied - de-icing switches and salting platforms etc) on a cool sunny last day of the year at the Milton Lade, close to Boat of Garten. Task self evident from below



Seems there is an old crack on the spandrel wall, more or less below Ian but we can't blame him! - It appears to have been repaired in 1961. We also cleared the vegetation and debris from the lade - glad to report that our wellington boots did not leak. 


And similar for the other side, note the few Inch drop in water level by clearing down stream first.

There is a lot of silt and fly tip debris still to clear but with no where to dump it and more pressing Ian couldn't feel his toes! We decided to leave it for another day, it is possible that it  also has a smooth stone bottom..... like below 

at Lynchurn burn back in January 2015 after more extensive excavations. 

I would like to thank our P'Way Volunteers for all the work in 2022 and wish them a Happy New Year and good health for 2023 as Your Railway Needs You!
Any prospective P'Way volunteers please get in touch or press the donate button!