Tuesday 22 December 2020

Early Christmas present from Network Rail - 21st December 2020

Yesterday Rob Law got an unexpectedly early phone call from Georgie - to get himself down to Millburn Yard, Inverness as soon as possible, to assist loading the Network Rail donated material which has been available for collection for sometime. 

The reason for the delay in picking it up, was sourcing the specialist "Trombone" trailer and then synchronizing it with our contractor with a Hi-Ab capable of lifting the weight. Above shows the lifting of the first of 24 x 60 foot rail lengths. 

The person on left is remotely controlling the Hi-Ab lift, Georgie (center) getting ready to sling the next crossing load.

The first lorry "loaded", although capable of 100 tonne gross weight.

The second being lengthened so it could take the check rails, crossings and closure rails, as the Mossend bound (4D47) Eddie Stobart / Russell's train departs, having dropped off containers full of Tesco's Christmas treats and now leaving with containers loaded with Norbord wood in them.

Today - rails now languish briefly at Boat of Garten Station, photo taken by a giant StationMaster (maybe trying to work out the car parking charges!) 

 Thanks to Transport Scotland for cajoling Network Rail into donating the scrap material, Vital Rail for taking the time/care to remove it, so that it can be put to good further use by ourselves, our haulage contractors, Georgie and Rob Law especially for instigating it all, as well as slinging and info/taking photos.

Wish everyone a Merry Safe Christmas..

Sunday 20 December 2020

Aviemore & Grantown worksites progress - 15th & 19th December 2020

Andrew McCracken reports that on Tuesday 15th -

"There is now a fence (the kind known as Heras fencing though the material is not Heras', this last seems to be becoming a generic term like "Hoover") between our land and McGowan's land at the industrial estate - see below images. Temporary until we get a permanent fence erected but sound enough to give security, judging by other boundaries of McGowan's land, and making another positive statement on the ground..


My thanks to Georgie McNair and John Sinclair of the permanent staff for helping to round up the components from Morley's and the Lodge and for transporting them to Grantown, and to p way volunteer Graeme Dougal for helping with the erection of the fencing"

(I think this is the land recently purchased from Highland Council for the nominal £1.00, I feel sure it will be reported in full in the next Strathspey Express -  Members Magazine)


Saturday 19th saw a rather depleted squad continue re-sleepering at Aviemore, heading towards the Headshunt.

John reports 13 were managed despite various injuries to the younger members of the squad, above Ian and Angus have had to remove chairs as limited clearance, so that the old one can be pulled free and newer one inserted. 

 I foolishly volunteered to do the Aviemore - Boat of Garten Track inspection before going to work, fortunately Mike offered to do from Spey Lodge level crossing to Aviemore Station, otherwise I wouldn't have made work in time! Thanks to Mike, Ian, John, Angus & Fergus. Above is possibly my last  (cine film like) clip of Highland Steam this year.

 I would like to wish everyone a Safe Christmas and hope that 2021 will be better! 


Sunday 13 December 2020

De-Fencing & Re-sleepering continues - 12th December 2020

Even though a number of the Gang called off through various injuries, a good sized squad turned out on a cool drizzly/damp December day, to continue re-sleepering in Aviemore Yard.

Georgie also bought us an early Christmas present in the form of six brand new "Bulldog British Heritage" shovels - only to increase productivity!

Shortly after a leaky steamy scene passes Aviemore Signal Cabin

by the time the first train returned our worksite had moved on slightly, almost onto Spey Lodge Level Crossing, although just coasting past slowly (not worthy of a video).

Driver Martin doing some oiling, photo from John who was on light duties, with Fergus our Fencer seconded to dismantling the fence where Georgie was working with the JCB (bottom photo)

 then after lunch digging out the light ash ballast ahead of the main squad, which managed maybe double figures in the number changed - one had to be changed twice! (In true Strathspey fashion) as it was found the screws wouldn't grip as it was rotten inside.  

  The up concrete base of the old Speyside Station footbridge is considerably more extensive than we would like, talk of having to hire a "pecker" to be attached to the Colmar behind Mike, to attack it, to reduce the weight (lets hope the other one is not as big below ground) 

Many thanks to Fergus, John, Ian, Angus, Andrew, Roger and Mike who assisted after doing the Boat of Garten - Aviemore weekly footpatrol. A get well soon goes to Graeme, Kevin, John Hornby and Jim who is recuperating after a planned operation, we now have plenty shovels waiting for you! 

Sunday 6 December 2020

Miscellaneous snowy PWay works - ending 5th December 2020

Last Saturday in November - Ian Stanworth reports and thanks the hard work from the squad of Kevin, Angus, Jim, Martin & Roger managing to change 16 sleepers until 3pm when it got very chilly and the light faded. Georgie had yet again to fill in the pot holes in Aviemore Station Car Park and then spent more quality time with the JCB preparing the trackbed for the new track to the Running Shed site, as seen below 

on Thursday, re-sleepering was not possible due to a penetrating frost but Georgie had the small squad swapping worn check rails on the curve over with good ones on the straight, like everything on railway easier said than done!

Here the check rail needed the gentle persuasion of back to back jacks to sit in the chairs properly, so the new wooden keys could be hammered tight, making the check rail rigid and hopefully prevent any more wear on the nosings. Thanks to Mike, Andrew & Georgie for braving the frost that never lifted all day.

 Yesterday saw further snow as seen from John Wood's track inspection, photo looking towards Aviemore on the "Dalfaber straight". Roger, Angus and Georgie did more dismantling of redundant track behind old Speyside Station. Ian cleared snow off platform at Boat of Garten and Mike attended to Broomhill platform and cleared run round switches. 

 Further on in John's inspection at the Kinchurdy strap rails, hopefully a short clip of the first of the Winter Steam Services makes a rather smoky appearance.

Thanks to all that braved the elements/contributed to this blog - Teamwork as usual!