Saturday 26 November 2022

Kinchurdy Down Distant to Level Crossing - 25/26th November 2022

Another extra P'Way day Friday was added originally so that more use of the Jacker Packer whilst no service trains running, but Georgie was called away with our Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) to Dalfaber Level Crossing.  

Angus and me were left in pouring rain to try and make the Kinchurdy P'Way Bothy more inhabitable clearing out the rubbish and insect life - Angus spent 45 mins trying to clear out the completely choked fire but as you can see he succeeded! with the help of Ian's  purchasing of smokeless ovoids the place did no longer resemble a smokehouse as the chimney does need a rebuild. 


Once the heavy rain finally gave way to instantly sunny skies we went and finished scaping away the pebble like "ballast" round the sleepers to be changed.

Thanks to all mentioned.


 The following day -Saturday 26th saw the commencement of the festive train service and the P'Way having given up their Absolute Possession of the Line the day before, 

with the Temporary Speed Restriction (TSR) Notices posted at the appropriate locations   

and the refectorised on track reminder boards in situ, the first of the Express trains eventually passed us at a sedate steamy 10 miles per hour.  

The mammoth task of re-sleepering started in ernest today. As Georgie expected, a certain amount of re-gauging was required, only the high rail sleepers had been pre-drilled, the opportunity was also taken to replace all of the remaining wooden ferrules/ & worn screws with new. Both Mike & I were glad Fergus was with us as he seems to be able to throw the heavy sleepers about with ease.  Approximately 20 sleepers changed in just over two lengths, took us beyond Kinchurdy Level Crossing but a long way to go.......

Thanks to all that attended and the warm sunny weather!    

Friday 25 November 2022

Dalfaber Level Crossing and Jacker Packer - 19th November 2022


The P'Way element of the Dalfaber Level Crossing upgrade seems almost complete

Strail rubber type decking panels delivered and should you ever have occasion to fit them here's how! -  taking care not to get one of the middle concrete edges the wrong way round!

Looks like they managed! With the glued insulated joints in situ also.
Thanks to Stephen Muirhead for photos/info
Saturday 19th November sufficient squad assembled at Boat of Garten,

Ian drove the Jacker Packer to commencement of worksite, followed eventually by the NBL Shunter pulling short  P'Way train comprising tool van and Brakevan.

Georgie has previously laid out all the pre-drilled sleepers in the Up cess, the white dots indicate sleepers to be changed! Mike and Peter G just visible in distance measuring and hammering in pegs in Down cess to check for any lateral movement during the works.

Using the sighting boards (Fergus off camera at sighting end) the plan was to lift formation 4 inches so that no digging out of the beds is required, Georgie getting the cross level cant correct.  Alas beyond Kinchurdy Foot Crossing (which we lifted and made a temporary ballast one) it is only ash/stone ballast and only a 3 inch lift possible - meaning a fair amount of manual shovel work but it is relatively light. 

Thanks to Ian, Mike, Peter G, Martin, David, Fergus and Georgie - 9 of the 44 sixty foot lengths were lifted.

Monday 14 November 2022

More Sleeper pre-drilling - Saturday 12th November 2022

Saturday saw good progress in fine, warm even, weather.

Michael, David, Martin, Angus and Mike got through all the sleepers laid out on Boat of Garten back platform line but as Georgie was picking them up loading and carting them to site, an exact count was not done but reckoned around 130 sleepers, only possible by the use of two drills. Stabled in the background is the hired in Road Rail Vehicle that is in use at Dalfaber level crossing site below,

with much work necessarily being done on nightshift.
Thanks to Mike for info/photo and Stephen Muirhead for night shot, showing new rails/sleepers now in situ.